PROCESS IN DOOEL Skopje is committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of personal data it comes into contact with during its operations. This privacy policy document specifies the types of personal data we receive and collect when using the website, as well as some of the steps we take to protect them.

Users of

Users of the platform can be natural persons or companies of legal age. Individuals register with an e-mail, Facebook or Google account, and if any misuse of false data is detected, the account will be deleted. When registering a company, it is checked whether it is registered and only then its activation on the platform is approved

Advertisements for open job positions

Advertisements for open job positions are published only by Companies that are members of the Platform. Advertisements should comply with positive legal norms and the Company may modify or remove them without prior notice.

CV - Brief biographies of users

The CVs that users upload to the site, or enter them, are visible only to them and to the companies where the user applied to one of that company's advertisements. If the user closes the account, all data will be destroyed/deleted.

Applying for a job advertisement

When the candidate applies for an advertisement, his CV can be seen by the company where he applied. If the applying candidate does not have an account on, it will be opened (created), for which the user will be notified by e-mail.

Deleting profile and user data

Deleting a profile created on and all user data related to it, as well as logs, is done by writing "Profile deletion request" to from the same e-mail from which the profile was created.

Content own responsibility

The content that Users enter on the site must be true and their own. PROCESS IN DOOEL reserves the right to change, supplement or delete any part of the page or the entire offer without prior notice, as well as to temporarily or permanently stop the publication. Responsibility for the content of advertisements, images, videos, profiles or other attachments rests solely with users. PROCESS IN DOOEL is not responsible for the origin of the product/service that is the subject of advertising.

Deleting Content

The user can at any time delete the content (advertisement or other) that he has published on

Prohibited content

Apart from the contents prohibited by law, advertising with the following content is not permitted:

  • Advertising on other websites and businesses, especially classifieds websites, e-commerce stores, online auctions.
  • Clearly frivolous and insufficiently detailed job postings.
  • Contests, bets of all kinds, including lotto and other games of chance.
  • Credits, loans and financial support without full data on the home address of the credit institution.
  • Investments, securities, especially shares.
  • Paid phone numbers as well as SMS services.
  • Offensive, offensive or discriminatory expressions.
  • Racist, defamatory, violent or unconstitutional content.
  • Illegal advertisements, which threaten or injure the right or health of a third party.
  • Pornography, including pornographic and juvenile materials and objects.
  • Prostitution offers.
  • Contact ads on behalf of a third party.
  • Paid telephone services or referral to commercial erotic sites.
  • Lists, folders or similar. containing the address of the manufacturer, trader or supplier.
  • Ads in a foreign language without Macedonian translation.
  • Multiple posting of an ad with identical content – including in different regions and categories.
  • Ads/items from different categories/industries in one ad.
  • More than one vehicle or property in one listing.
  • Links that are not related to the advertisement/subject of advertisement.
  • Images must not contain a company logo, phone number, website or other content that could be interpreted as marketing.
  • Images for which the user does not have copyright.

Advertisements that do not comply with the rules and advertisements that do not comply with legal regulations in Macedonia will not be published.

Prohibited items

Inadmissible items for both supply and demand are:

  • Stolen, counterfeit or unauthorized copied items of any kind, including pirated products.
  • Prescription drugs, counterfeit drugs, or drugs reasonably suspected of being counterfeit.
  • Drugs and stimulants within legal regulations.
  • Radioactive substances, poisons, pyrotechnic products, explosives, as well as other chemicals harmful to health.
  • Human organs, blood and other body fluids, as well as worn underwear.
  • Weapons in terms of firearms law, especially firearms and cutting and stabbing weapons of any kind, as well as ammunition.
  • Official uniforms and so on away from security areas.
  • Products with the marks of anti-constitutional organizations.
  • Authorizing to download content

In order not to publish the same ad on several different advertising services, the user can authorize to download his ads that are published on other websites for advertising, while the user guarantees that the ads related to his account are in accordance with the Rules of privacy and that the content is his own (text, images, etc.). The user can cancel this option at any time.

Contact through the platform

The data that visitors send voluntarily through e-mail and the contact form are considered official secrets and are kept in accordance with the general provisions and rules and regulations for archival operations. This includes their email address, first name, last name, postal address, phone number.

Billing / Terms and conditions of sale

The prices of all services from are in Denars/Euros/Dollars. Each customer must first register in order to complete the order. After the completion of the order, an e-mail will be sent to the specified address by the buyer, to confirm the order.

The purchase (payment) can be made through a bank transaction or electronically with the following payment cards: Visa; Visa Electron; MasterCard; Maestro (only if there is a CVV2/CVC code on the background of the card) and the payment is made through our partner NLB Tutunska Banka.

The activation of the service that you have ordered and paid for will be realized within one working day at the latest, after checking the submitted data.

Funds paid are not refundable, but can be repurposed for another advertisement in the future if you respond promptly within the next 30 minutes by calling 071 244 660.