PROCESS IN DOOEL Skopje is committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of personal data it comes into contact with during its operations. This privacy policy document specifies the types of personal data we receive and collect when using the website, as well as some of the steps we take to protect them.

Privacy policy and protection of personal data

This Privacy Policy provides information on the processing of personal data when you visit our website (hereinafter or the Platform) and/or use any of our services through it.

Controller of Personal Data Collections

The controller/processor of personal data is PROCESS IN DOOEL Skopje with headquarters at Nikola Rusinski 29/38, Skopje, (hereinafter "the Company").

We process personal data in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Personal Data Protection Act and by-laws.

Whose data is collected?

We may collect data related to the following categories of persons:

  • For visitors to, the platform uses cookies, and you can find more information in our Cookie Policy;
  • To Individuals who have created a user account and registered on for the purposes of searching, finding and informing about vacancies, publishing advertisements in certain categories (vehicles, real estate, etc.);
  • To Companies that created a user account and registered on in order to use the services of the Platform and publish advertisements;
  • To Jobseekers (candidate natural persons) who use the service

How do we collect personal data?

We collect personal data in a variety of ways, including:

  • Data that the User enters during registration on the Platform;
  • Data that the User enters when filling out his user profile;
  • Data that the User discloses and states when communicating through our customer service, through published e-mail addresses and phone numbers;
  • Data about the User when using the Platform, including those that he voluntarily leaves when applying for advertisements and completing surveys on the Platform;

We process your data for specific, clear and legitimate purposes, to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing, and we will not process your personal data in a way that is contrary to those purposes.

Categories of data processed

  • Personal data for Individuals/Jobseekers candidates on the Platform, which must be entered during registration and opening a user account, for the purposes of using the services of the Platform - (e-mail address, first name, last name, phone). Each User can additionally and independently of their own volition enter data in their Profile/CV that refer to their additional data such as a picture, social media profiles, gender, date of birth, attached CV, interests in positions for which they are seeking work, additional contact data, his education, work experience, knowledge of languages and other skills to use to generate CV and/or to apply for advertisements from Employers. We note that the Company does not have access to the data specified in the User Profile;
  • Personal data for Users who are not registered on the Platform, which must be entered when logging in to for the purposes of using the service. Each User can additionally and independently of their own volition attach a CV for application to advertisements from Employers;
  • Data for Companies/Employers that must be entered when registering and opening a user account, for the purposes of using the services of the Platform - (e-mail address, name/title, EMBS, telephone, contact person, address , industry);
  • Data we collect when communicating with Users who have contacted us for technical or administrative support or cooperation through our customer service;
  • Data for electronic communications (non-direct marketing);
  • Data for marketing and promotions, if you have given consent for processing (e-mail and/or contact phone);
  • Data (e-mail) entered through the Contact page.

What data is recorded during a visit

During a visit to our websites, the platform records the following information for each user:

  • The time of the visit
  • The page that is being visited and the sub-options at that
  • The page from which the visit was referred and in some cases the keywords used in the same referral
  • The operating system used and the screen resolution setting
  • The type of search engine and its version
  • The language used on the search engine
  • The Internet (IP) address from which it is accessed
  • The type of device accessed from

All records (logs) are kept for the purpose of studying a security or user problem.

Links to third party websites and services

The content that Platform publishes may contain links to websites and services of third parties that are not covered by this Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for the practices of these third-party websites and services and advise you to familiarize yourself with the content of their Privacy Policies.

Basis for processing personal data

In accordance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data, your personal data may be processed if:

  • you have given us consent for the processing (Article 10 paragraph 1 paragraph 1 of the Law on Personal Data Protection), which you have the right to withdraw at any time; or
  • the processing is necessary for the performance of a contract (Article 10 paragraph 1 paragraph 2 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data) in which you are a contracting party or to undertake activities at your request before your accession to the contract; or
  • processing is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest (Article 10 paragraph 1 paragraph 6 of the Law on Personal Data Protection), without violating your right to privacy and confidentiality, and for the existence of such a legitimate interest, we will notify you in connection with the specific processing;
  • processing is required to fulfill our legal obligation (Article 10 paragraph 1 paragraph 3 of the Law on Personal Data Protection).

Consent to the processing of personal data

By using the Platform, natural persons and companies give express consent to the Company for the collection and processing of their personal data, which are provided during registration or login for a quick application and are available in their User Profiles and/or through the publication of a CV, application or any another document.

Users give their consent to be contacted electronically as part of the functionality of the system (open job positions, forgotten password, system messages, notifications from the Platform, etc.) through which no sales are made and are not direct marketing. Users can turn off these options independently or by writing to the Company.

Employers who are natural persons and Jobseekers can at any time withdraw the given consent without any further explanation by sending a request to the Company's address for revocation of consent and deactivation and/or deletion of the user account.

By applying to an advertisement or selecting the "active application" option and using the Platform by applying to published advertisements, Jobseekers give express consent to all Employers whose advertisement they applied for, to be able to access their personal data listed in the User Profile, (which in addition to the data from the mandatory fields, at the request of the Jobseeker to include other documents, such as: personal biography - CV, application for employment and others) and to process them in the procedure for selecting a candidate to fill the position from the advertisement.

The User gives explicit consent to the Employer for access and processing of all his personal data specified in the Announcement and the attached documents - the CV, the application for employment and other documents.

Consent for the collection and processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data is given exclusively for the purposes of applying for job advertisements, as well as for performing all other activities that are strictly related to advertising and applying for advertisements. for Jobs and cannot be used for any other purpose.

The use of the data for any other purpose (copying, transcription, distribution, etc.) without the consent of the Company and the Jobseekers, i.e. the Employers (natural person) for mass distribution, promotional messages and similar things is strictly prohibited. The Company will notify the competent authorities, including but not limited to the State Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data.

Employers are obliged to respect the principles related to the processing of personal data and to take all technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal data of the Jobseekers in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and to use the personal data only for the purposes of selection and selection of candidates in connection with a published job advertisement in accordance with the applicable laws.

The Company is not responsible for unauthorized disclosure or any illegal processing of personal data of Jobseekers by Employers and will not be responsible for compensation for material and/or non-material damage that could be caused.

Purposes of personal data processing

We collect personal data for specific and clearly defined purposes and are processed in a manner consistent with those purposes and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

Personal data is processed for providing services and fulfilling contractual obligations, i.e. for accessing, registering and using through the publication of an advertisement for Jobs by Employers, and storing biographies and other user data in the profile database, for their availability, in accordance with the settings selected by the Job Seeker for the purposes of applying for a published advertisement on the Portal.

Transfer of User Personal Data

We do not share data about you and/or your visit to our Platform to third parties, except in the following cases:

  • in the case of hiring service providers that the Company hires as processors, with which they will be obliged to act according to the company's instructions and ensure the protection of personal data that is processed during the provision of those services.
  • at the request of a court, police or other authorities and bodies for exercising their competences and only if there is a legal basis for it.

Who has access to your data?

In our company, access to your data can only be given to those persons who need that information to enable and provide our services and fulfill our contractual and legal obligations and only to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing.

Storage time of collected data

The data we collect is stored in accordance with the law and the period required to achieve the purpose of the processing with terms of storage of personal data required to fulfill the purpose of the processing – enabling and providing our services and executing concluded contracts.

Calculation of the terms of storage and retention of personal data is based on the following criteria:

  • our legal or contractual obligations;
  • the data provided during registration, login, or specified in the User Profile, as well as the data provided for marketing purposes, are kept until the consent is withdrawn, that is, until the request for data deletion is implemented;
  • the time required to process the request or objection (if an objection has been submitted).

We need to keep some of your personal data in the archives so that we can respond to any legal proceedings and for the time prescribed by the applicable laws.

What are your rights as subjects of personal data?

Your rights regarding the processing of personal data are:

  • the right to be informed about the processing of personal data (the right to be informed for what purposes your data is being processed, the categories of personal data being processed, the storage period, our legitimate interests, the users to whom they are transferred);
    right of access to personal data (you have the right to receive confirmation as to whether your personal data is being processed and, if processed, to obtain access to personal data and information about the processing);
  • right to rectification of personal data (if you find errors in your personal data or if it is incomplete or incorrect, you can request that we correct the incorrect or supplement the incomplete personal data);
  • right to deletion of personal data / right to be forgotten (you can request the deletion of the User Profile and personal data from the User database);
  • the right to limit the processing of personal data (under conditions established by law, you can request the limitation of the Processing of your personal data);
  • right to object (you have the right at any time in accordance with applicable law to submit an objection to the processing of your personal data, as well as an objection to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes);
  • the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time (if you have given consent to the processing of personal data).

The User has access to his User Profile at any time with his password and can modify and correct incorrect or incomplete personal data, change privacy settings, or deactivate the Profile.

During registration, the User independently sets his password, which he must not share with third parties, and bears full responsibility for the secrecy of the password and the use of the Platform through the access data. The Employer may notify the Company if he suspects unauthorized use of his access data.

For additional information and/or exercise of your rights for personal data protection, you can contact our personal data protection officer - Gjore Dimov by phone 071 244 660

Subjects of personal data can use the rights according to this Policy by submitting a request to exercise the respective right. The request can be submitted in the following way:

  • electronically at the following address
  • by mail to the address - Nikola Rusinski 29/38, Skopje

The request for exercising the rights related to the protection of personal data should contain the following data:

  • name and surname of the subject of personal data;
  • contacts for feedback - address, phone, email address;
  • a request with a description of the request.

The right to submit a request to the AZLP

If you think that the way of that the Company processes your personal data violates the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, you can submit a request to the Agency for Protection of Personal Data as a supervisory body, in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Change of privacy policy

By accessing and using, you declare that you agree with this Privacy Policy. The privacy policy is subject to regular review and, if necessary, will be amended and supplemented in accordance with the changes and our activities, which you will be informed about. Please visit the Privacy Policy and familiarize yourself with its changes and additions.

Data security

The company takes all the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from their accidental or illegal destruction, loss, unauthorized disclosure or access, using regular controls and the latest technological mechanisms and achievements in this area in accordance with the current Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the applicable the by-laws.

Contact details

Address: Nikola Rusinski 29/38, Skopje
Phone: 071 244 660

Personal data protection officer: Gjore Dimov